Launching an Idea with RiverStar


The spark of creativity and innovation starts with our innate curiosity. From professional expert “tinkerers” working magic in the prototype lab, to our procurement specialists, we all embody the drive to make good processes and products transform into benchmarks for greatness.


We leverage long standing business relationships with our supply chain to establish the best pricing and outcomes for our product partners. Our product partners may start out as “clients” but eventually become our trusted friends. We love seeing our friends succeed, and will go above and beyond to facilitate sustainable success for all.


Our RiverStar Dream Team is a valuable resource for OEM’s looking to take their product to the next level in efficiency and effectiveness, as well as the entrepreneur who has a million dollar idea on the edge of possibility. Our product partners rely on RiverStar’s reputation for excellence and expertise to maximize their product potential and ROI.


Choose Perfect Package for you RiverStar Incorporated is a contract manufacturer which specializes in kitting, assembly and supply chain management for its partners. RiverStar can manage everything from sourcing and procurement of materials to inbound and outbound logistics, to production, customer service, warranty and maintenance/repair operations.By eliminating traditional business expenditures like warehousing and production staffing, associating with RiverStar allows our customers to focus their precious time and monetary resources on developing their product and growing their business.

Our Capabilities? With RiverStar you receive our knowledge, and processes and experienced staff bringing you world class solutions.

Purchasing /Inventory Management

RiverStar’s purchasing management department is experienced in all aspects of Supply Chain Management.

Customer Service

RiverStar is dedicated to providing world class customer service and timely communication for all of our customers.

Repair / Refurbishment / Remanufacturing

Product Reconditioning, Repair, Refurbishment are service areas that we can provide to customers.


RiverStar has 3 buildings totaling 165,000 sq feet of climate controlled high and low bay warehouse space with 24/7 security.

Lead Logistics Provider Services

RiverStar offers complete Lead Logistics Provider services on inbound and outbound shipments ranging from single parcel to full truckloads. Shipments from RiverStar have an on time shipping performance of greater than 99.9%.

Product Development

We also provide access to an outsourced engineering and CAD design firm on an as needed basis. verStar provides assistance with product development through troubleshooting and packaging design.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance and quality control is given the highest priority at RiverStar Incorporated. The costs associated of sending out faulty material, incorrect parts or orders that are shipped late can be very expensive for our clients, their customers and their own reputations or brands.

Contract Manufacturing

RiverStar’s contract manufacturing dedicated team of employees provides fast, efficient assembly, kitting and final packaging for a variety of electronic, medical and other products of varying size and complexity.

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