Reconditioning and Repair

repair Reconditioning and RepairReconditioning and Repair

Reconditioning and Repair Service for original equipment manufacturer’s (OEMS) and their “end of life” cycle products and service parts.

Product reconditioning and repair, remanufacturing test and calibration capabilities extend product life and support warranty claims and end-of-product life requirements. 

RiverStar Incorporated provides product reconditioning, electronic repairs and reconditions complex electronic parts, medical equipment and electro-mechanical assemblies that are returned by field engineers or technicians.  Many of these types of equipment need to have routine maintenance performed on them as well, which makes RiverStar’s calibration services a very complimentary task that we carry out for our customers.

Medical equipment repair, electronic repair, remanufacturing, dental equipment repair, optics repair and laser repair are a few examples of our reconditioning service offerings.  By offering the services of product reconditioning, we can and have helped clients save a tremendous amount of money and lower costs by purchasing new components. 

Our case studies provide real world examples of how product reconditioning can save companies money through this cost savings process. RiverStar Incorporated also provides audio visual (AV) repair and refurbishment services for electronics manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Our central location in Minnesota allows us to provide timely and efficient contract for repairs as we receive product returns, such as RMA returns, from around the world.  Our data management system is able to track serial numbers, orders through our returns management software systems.

The RiverStar team quickly manages product reconditioning and repair for re-shipping to OEM customers or direct to their consumers.  Each RiverStar product reconditioning client is provided with their own dedicated customer service and purchasing team.  This team is dedicated to each unique client to make our services a “win-win” situation for both our strategic partners and RiverStar Incorporated.

To improve product return turnaround time, RiverStar manages and maintains customer parts inventory at its supply chain facility, even for low-volume customers.  The majority of clients RiverStar has helped have been companies that have a 20% “headache” or problem due to lost parts in the field not being returned.  By using RiverStar’s product reconditioning service and repair process management tools, we can make that “headache” go away and turn losses into profits and revenue.

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End of Life
  • End of life parts & service
  • Flexible solutions
  • Last time buy
  • Returns management
  • RMA returns
  • Core exchanges
  • Part storage
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment life cycle
  • Maximize product life cycles
  • Supports end of life test
  • Test and repair capabilities extend product life and support warranty claims and end-of-product life requirements.
  • Reduce costs of purchasing new by repairing parts
  • Serial number & inventory tracking
  • Parts warehousing & distribution
  • RiverStar maintains customer parts inventory at its facilities, even for low-parts needs.
  • Ability to report what parts have not been returned to reconcile parts “lost.”
  • Waste stream & sustainability management
  • The RiverStar team quickly manages product repair and reconditioning for re-shipping to OEM customers or direct to your consumers.
  • Parts that can not be salvaged are recycled and certificates of destruction are received.

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